What we do ?

Open source is, by definition, available at no cost to any and all who want to deploy it. Open source platform providers and their associated communities develop, enhance, and, at times, support the core technology - eliminating exorbitant licensing fees and reducing the cost of customization and ongoing maintenance.
As a leading Open Source system integrator, Cognatica Technologies takes a holistic view of your IT and business landscape. We understand your business drivers, your IT needs and provide Open Source Enterprise solutions that help businesses in keeping IT costs down, thereby ensuring that the funds can be deployed to more critical business functions. By teaming with Cognatica, our customers achieve the functionality and integration they are seeking, customized to their needs and at a lower cost, resulting in a dramatically improved ROI.

As a part of our efforts to improve ROI for our clients, Cognatica offers a best sourcing execution model. Based on the project needs, we provide our clients options of offshore development/implementation for cost-effectively executing the projects. The offshore option has enabled Cognatica to develop a continuous (and sizeable) pool of trained and experienced Open Source professionals. The team is constantly identifying and evaluating Open Source tools and products that meet the key criteria to be considered an Enterprise-class solution. Our clients benefit from this research, as Cognatica recommends only those tools, products and frameworks that meet the project requirements of our Enterprise clients. software architects and developers.

This knowledge has also been shared by our teams by authoring multiple white papers, blogs and contributing in various open source communities that have benefited enterprises globally.