Engagement Models

Cognatica is engaged by customers in primarily two models - Project Based Engagement and Dedicated Team Model. Either of these engagement models can benefit from a dedicated offshore development center.

Project Based Engagement

In a project engagement, Cognatica and the client work towards specific product development and quality assurance deliverables. This approach works best for projects with fixed-scope requirements captured through a project scoping consulting engagement or for iterative agile development targeting a release date. Performed on a time-and-materials basis, Cognatica leverages re-usable tools to shorten schedules and improve the project team's productivity.

Cognatica has invested heavily in Centers of Excellences (CoE), which are led by domain experts, senior programmers and technical architects. Our CoEs have developed various tools and technologies which offer improved productivity and faster delivery for software development, software migration and porting and software quality assurance services.

A project engagement is best suited for:

  • Projects with finite R&D budgets for development, porting or quality assurance
  • Projects around Cognatica Centers of Excellence wherein you get the best of the subject matter experts, technical architects and senior programmers.
  • Where development or quality assurance requirements have been previously scoped through a consulting engagement
  • Engagements leveraging an agile development process for targeting a specific release date

Our processes ensure reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target.

Dedicated Team Model

More than 90% of our customers leverage dedicated high performance teams for software development initiatives. Cognatica offers a combination of Dedicated Teams with built-to-suit Offshore Development Center (ODC) facilities suitable for ongoing software development and software maintenance activities. These engagements are highly effective in providing customers visibility and predictability in software lifecycle processes. The Offshore Development Center at Cognatica acts as a virtual extension of the customer's organization and leverage skills and tools developed by our Centers of Excellence.

The Cognatica Offshore Development Center, with its scalable infrastructure, highly trained resources and proven process frameworks is an outsourcing delivery model with a powerful value proposition. Clients who have either worked with us in the past or are looking to embrace Offshoring as a long term strategy engage us to setup a dedicated development center where:

  • Cognatica manages the resources and works jointly with clients to define the priorities and processes for the development center.
  • The infrastructure is an extension of the Clients environment and is setup using secure VPN connectivity. Infrastructure policies implemented in the ODC are similar or more advanced than those applied within the client's internal infrastructure.
  • The team is an extension to the client's organization and Clients often visit the development center to engage in activities such as planning and roadmap sessions, architecture discussions, etc.

Offshore Development Center

Customers exercise greater flexibility and control in defining and managing the offshore development activities for resources. The cost benefits of an offshore development center are fully realized as Cognatica ensures that the center is operated at optimal efficiency. With operational expertise, efficient people practices, best practice frameworks and lean processes Cognatica ensures that the offshore development center provides clients with the desired benefits equivalent of a captive center at a lower cost.

Benefits Realized by the client in an offshore development center

Our Offerings for offshore development center

Seamless communication with any team member

Collaboration tools for communication, project monitoring and control

Freedom to choose resources matching your requirements

Dedicate Human Resource Manager

Reduced Costs

Establishing Offshore Development Center and realizing true benefits of outsourcing

Get the intellectual capital back

Quality deliverables, high-performance services, productive teams

Control over the project execution

Transparent workflow and deliverable reporting with high degree of collaboration

Control over the project execution Privacy and confidentiality

IP protection and secure workspace

The choice you make in selecting a provider must have a performance defining impact on your
business. Our customers leverage Dedicated Teams for:

  • Ongoing Product Sustenance and Product Management
  • Retention of Knowledge - Business and Processes
  • Quick start for projects and new requirements
  • Integration with Client's Practices and Methodologies
  • Long Term Support for Legacy Applications
  • Experiments with New/Emerging Technologies at Lower Risks/Costs