Agile Processes

At Cognatica we decide on the Life cycle process to be followed for a project during the initial stages of the engagement. Different project characteristics, attributes and customer needs and priorities will be taken into account before we decide on the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

We do understand the changes in priorities and customer needs for functional requirements of the project, time to market needs and financial constraints. In order to be flexible to meet these needs most of our projects are based on Agile Development. Our people understand the agility of these projects and are groomed to deliver on the same lines. Processes and tools that we deployed cater to take care different agile methodologies.

Apart from being matured in the traditional development methodologies like Waterfall, Iterative, Rational Unified Process - RUP, We also follow different agile development methodologies for our different service offerings.

  • Agile Development (MSF, Extreme Programming)
  • SCRUM Methodology
  • Feature Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development

Here are the benefits that we have realized by following these different agile methodology practices at Cognatica

Agile principle


Strong end-user participation and customer involvement

Increased project success rate and user acceptance, Better transparency and accountability

Increased collaboration among team members

Reduced rework, higher productivity

Highly iterative releases, frequent integration and test

Better positioning of final system or product, Responsive to Environment

Regular deliveries and validation with end-user

Increased confidence for team, management and client

Rigor and shared commitment

Improved quality across all teams

Team Flexibility and Creativity

More useful and implementable ideas from all the team members

Final Product Quality

Predictable Product quality output, deliverables in complete control, higher probability of success

Project Cost, Earned Value

Possibility of Earned Value Analysis and necessary changes

At Cognatica we have deployed tools to facilitate the development teams to practice agile processes in their projects. We are open to adopting to new tools OR to the tools that are already being used by the customers.